English version

Hi! I’m Siubeng (the Cantonese spelling of “烧饼”). My usual ID is fython in the internet.
I’m a software engineer who likes ACG, digital product, and is also interested in UI/UX.

My Hobbies

  • 📺 Anime: Started to be otaku from Hidan no Aria. I watched some Haremumono / Romance Anime when I was in middle school. After that, I like a wide range of Japanese anime.
  • 🎼 Music: Mostly influenced by rhythm music games like Sound Voltex/jubeat, I like Future Bass/Hardcore/Speed Garage/Artcore, and I am also interested in modern jazz and funk music.
  • 🎮 Game: Rhythm music games/FPS/MOBA(LOL)/Roguelike. A variety of indie games/factory sandbox/RPG have played.
  • 📱 Digital: A Google loyal fans. I like small screen phones but increasingly out of the mainstream. Bought a lot of OnePlus/Nexus/Pixel phones. And now I am using Pixel 6 Pro and Z Flip 4 mainly.

My Career


B.S. in Computer Science, South China University of Technology (SCUT), Class of 2016
Now working at Tencent WXG (Guangzhou) in DevOps


Started to participate in information competitions (NOIP) and learn Pascal language in elementary school, won provincial awards during junior high school, started to learn Java/Android development on my own in high school.
As a student, I spent most of my spare time in Android application development, and developed some apps that are well known in independent application circles.
  • Also a lot of quietly working open source projects

Main stack

  • Backend: Golang/Node.js/Python
  • Frontend: Vue.js/Typescript
  • Android: Kotlin/Java
  • DevOps: Linux/Git/Docker/CI